Trail West Lodge

Buena Vista, Colorado

Trail West Lodge is located about two hours Southwest from Denver and about two hours from Colorado Springs. You can fly into either airport or make an unforgettable family road trip! One thing is for sure - there is no driving to Buena Vista, Colorado without these stunning views.

Click here to download driving instructions from Denver and Colorado Springs

Trail West FAmily Camp

Click here to download a map of the campground

Click here to download a map of the campground

Once you arrive at Trail West, your family will be situated in a safe, excluded village unto itself with nothing but breathtaking views of the mountains towering above you and the never-ending valleys extending below. This is a place where your family can connect with each other and new friends without a care in the world.

Take hikes down through the Aspen Grove, go zipping down the ropes course, play a family game of Frisbee golf, and laugh with everyone else at the entertainment and stories in our evening sessions. This is a place you and your children can run free, meet other families and create life-long memories that will leave you never-the-same. Check out this map of the Trail West campground.

Guest Lodging

Your family will be able to stay together in one of our comfortable Lodge or Chalet rooms. We have rooms that accommodate families of 4, 5, or 6 people. We'll make housing assignments after we fill all 60 available family spots. You'll be notified of your room location and details within one month of the Family Camp.

OTHER Housing Options:

All families are offered a private room in the Main Lodge for the weekend. However, we have two other options that might suit your preferences. You can select one of these on the Reservation page.

  1. Red Deer Chalet - A lodge-like house for 4 families to stay together with private rooms and baths, satellite TV, magnificent views, and a common living and dining area. This is the perfect option for 4 families coming together. (Only 1 Chalet Available)

  2. Family Dorm Rooms - Beautiful rooms with comfy bunk beds in all of them. Multiple families will share the space so guys and girls will be separated. You can book an entire dorm for your own family with a minimum of 7 spots reserved. (Discounted $50 per person)