Nature Journal Book

Pre-Order by February 28

Coming this spring to Wild + Free is a new resource by Kristin Rogers called Nature Journal - a 132-page bookfilled with over two years’ worth of her nature journaling tutorials from our monthly content bundles.

It’s the consummate guide to nature journaling with your children. You’ll not only learn how to choose your supplies, draw specific items from nature, and make it a consistent part of your homeschool, but you’ll also find a treasure trove of illustrations and photographs from Kristin’s own journal.

We’re printing these coffee-table-quality books on premium paper in a beautiful perfect-bound format like our other print collections. It's as much a collector’s item as a practical guide.

Please note: We’re only printing the number of copies that are pre-ordered for $24 by February 28, 2017, and then it goes away. We anticipate shipping the book in April 2017.