Sally Clarkson

Sally Clarkson is the mother of four grown children and the co-author of the classic book, Educating the Wholehearted Child, which she wrote in 1994 with her husband, Clay. Since that time, Sally has written numerous books, including Seasons of a Mother's Heart, Own Your Life, The Life Giving Home, and her most recent book Different. She also blogs regularly on her personal website,, and trains mothers online through her Mom Heart Intensives. | @sally.clarkson



Leah Boden is married to Dave, and they have four children and live in Warwickshire, UK. Leah is a minister, speaker, writer and home educator and has been teaching her children at home for the past nine years inspired by the Charlotte Mason philosophy. She is passionate about nature, old books and drinking pots of Earl Grey tea whilst reading! Leah is the author of Moments On Mothering and loves to encourage other women in their journey of raising children and leading their authentic, incredible lives. | @leahvboden | | @modernmissmason


Lynsey Kramer

An urban city girl turned farmer's wife, Lynsey Kramer is living a life she couldn't have dreamed up if she tried. Lynsey married a country boy that swept her off her feet at the age of 19. She's been married to her best friend, Farmer Jason, for almost 16 amazing years. Over the years, they've added 4 girls to their nest- Kaylyn, Laney Rae, Ruthie, and Exie Jo. They've made a home and a life in a tiny rural Texas town running their full-time business and sustainable farm, Yonder Way Farm. Fusing together farm and family has brought Lynsey a new found passion and perspective in nurturing deep roots with wings to fly in her four girls. She's been homeschooling and farm-schooling for 6 years. Working alongside her family every single day is one of the greatest joys of her life. | @fivechicksandafarmer


jodi mockabee


Jodi Mockabee is the wife to an exceptionally patient husband and a mother to five young and active children. Her family journal, Mockabee Seven, has become a place to share and encourage mothers through Christ-led parenting, health and wellness, and to also capture the quasi-homeshcooling, adventure-seeking lifestyle that they lead. Jodi is learning daily how to submit her heart to Christ, which has been a task in itself, but with a good latte and some chocolate, she is learning obedience is certainly the start of His greatest plan for her and her family. | @jodimockabee



Sarah Mackenzie created the Read-Aloud Revival podcast on a whim. That fateful decision resulted in a highly rated show that, two years later, has over a million downloads and reaches tens of thousands of listeners with each episode.  For over two years, she's been interviewing leaders, authors, and experts in the read-aloud movement, connecting them with families all over the world who desire to help their kids fall in love with books. She is the author of the best-selling book, Teaching from Rest. Sarah lives in the Inland Northwest with Andrew, where they homeschool their six kids (including identical twin boys). She considers it her high calling to make sure her kids are well-stocked in the best books she can find. |



Rea Berg enjoys the deep rich soil of her organic garden, particularly while watching her two year-old grandson happily digging next to her. She loves seeing abandoned and broken things brought back to life, like antique houses, classic children’s books, and especially lives–like those of the men she works with at her local prison. Rea has brought many children’s books back into print through her company Beautiful Feet Books, as well as crafted guides to help teachers teach history through literature. She has traveled the road of home education, in all its facets, for over 30 years. She loves being wife to Russ, mother to six truly amazing people, and grandmother to seven completely adorable little grandchildren. | | | @reaberg


Tina Ingold

Tina Ingold is a homeschooling mama to four children and is married to a bearded, patient, hard-working entrepreneur. Despite her aversion to coffee, they own a coffee shop and an apparel store in Indianapolis. You will most likely find them riding longboards, eating donuts, or adventuring around the city. Their love for the Lord is their greatest adventure and joy. | @tinaglee




Greta Eskridge, a joy choosing, adventure seeking, beauty loving, home schooling mama to 3 boys and 1 girl. She's married to an artist, who fills their home and our life with color and fun. Her life is a delicate balancing act that she often stumbles through. But she knows God is for her, and He redeems her every misstep. It's Greta's hope that she can be an encouragement to other mamas to live the most beautiful life they can, caring for themselves and their families, and finding joy and purpose in it along the way. | @maandpamodern


Jon & Valerie Guerra

Jon and Valerie Guerra are quickly becoming recognized as some of today’s most groundbreaking artists. With a penchant for thought-provoking lyrics, innovative instrumentation and pleading vocals, they bring intelligence, passion and originality to all of their songwriting. The Guerras won the hearts of the Wild + Free community at our last conference in Wimberley, Texas, and we couldn't wait to invite them back again. They frequently perform with Vince Gill and Amy Grant, as well as their church in Chicago. |


Stephanie Beaty

Stephanie Beaty is a blessed mama of four and military spouse. After a 10-year career as a professional writer and public relations pro in NYC, London, Atlanta and San Diego, she began Lifeography, a modern portrait business where she focuses on capturing relationships and connections for families and commercial opportunities. Today, her time is primarily devoted to her family and their day-to-day homeschooling pursuits, which can best be described as an eclectic mix of group study, independent learning, nature exploration, field trips and good books. In short, she loves well-read, muddy kids and virtually year-round pool baths. Although her family currently resides in Richmond, Virginia, home is wherever the Navy sends them. | @lifeographer



Jennifer Pepito is the thankful mother of seven children, and wife to Scott. She lives on a small farm in California, and loves to feed her family from her own land. She is the author of the book, Bountiful Homeschooling on a Budget, and creator of The Peaceful Preschool course for families with young children. One of her favorite things to do, besides hanging with her family and drinking coffee, is to chat with other homeschool moms, which she adores doing for the monthly Wild + Free content bundles. | @jenniferpepito


Jennifer Naraki

Hello from Venice Beach, California. I am Jennifer Naraki, a homeschooling mama of three boys, married for 18 years to the man I met and fell for when I was 17. I live a messy life, but am thankful to be washed clean by the grace of God. His mercies are new every morning, which is great because I mess up everyday. We are often found eating and drinking all the good things in L.A. and adventuring with our nature friends. If you wanted to find me in a large crowded room, I’d be the one with the loudest laugh. I delight in grace, my boys, nature, books, music, vintage, fine fare and photography. | @jennifernaraki


Kristin Rogers

I love to laugh, learn, make fun of myself (there is much opportunity for this one), let my children climb on me, and join them in their homemade forts. I am not a “put together” girl. I often discover a rip in my dress a little too late, or get caught making up words when the correct ones fail me. My heart does a “pitter-patter” for nature, adoption, reading, coffee, homeschooling, thrift shops, messy hair and tattoos. I'm grateful for grace and the love of my husband and two daughters... and hugs. I'm grateful for hugs. | @kristinrogers



Hi y'all! I'm Terri Woods. I love Jesus above all things. I'm the wife to a hard-working man and mama to nine amazing kids and have the privilege and honor of spending my days learning and growing alongside them thanks to the blessing of homeschooling. We are starting our 18th year, yippee!! I enjoy gardening, coffee time with friends, reading all the classics I never read growing up, running (ok, jogging slowly), caring for our dairy goats and making cheese, caramel, and soap and encouraging young mamas to live abundantly and joyfully in all the seasons of motherhood, Oh, and run on sentences!! And exclamation points!!!! | @woodsermom


Ainsley Arment


Ainsley Arment started Wild & Free to meet and learn from her Insta-heroes of motherhood. She and her husband Ben live in Virginia Beach and are the parents of five children: Wyatt (12), Dylan (9), Cody (7), Annie (3) and Millie (1). And yes, those are all Western-themed names. She homeschools their children. But even more, she raises them to be adventurers, risk-takers, and dreamers. When she's not documenting her life, you'll find her with sand between her toes, saltwater on her lips, and a good book in her hands. | @ainsl3y


Rachel Kovac

Rachel Kovac and her husband Dan live in south central Texas with their five children ranging in age from two to eleven. Their third child joined their family through international adoption. Rachel seeks out the beauty in everyday moments and is passionate about photography as the medium to document them. She also loves to sew and makes most of her daughters’ clothing. She shares her photography and writes about her sewing projects (and occasionally about homeschooling and adoption) on her blog | @rachelstitchedtogether


The Hunts

The Hunts are a Chesapeake, Virginia-based band made up of seven brothers and sisters who’ve been playing music together almost their entire lives. Ranging from ages 16 to 24, twin sisters Jenni and Jessi and their five brothers Josh, Jonathan, Jordan, Justin, and Jamison all learned to sing and play violin as little kids and spent much of their childhood performing throughout their community. After widening their following and playing at theaters and festivals around the country—and teaching themselves to play instruments like mandolin, piano, ukulele, banjo, and drums—The Hunts started experimenting with songwriting and soon brought to life a batch of songs that reveal their sophisticated sense of melody and undeniably dreamy innocence. | @thehuntsmusic


Toni Weber

Toni Weber is the mother of five gorgeous children, all of which have been home schooled from the very start. With four grown and graduated, she is down to her last student and has found a little extra time to pursue her love of photography. She lives on the coast of California in the small town of Carpinteria, where she and her family can ride their bikes down to the beach at a moments notice to watch the sunset. For this she is very grateful. | @toniweber | @homeschoolingbyheart