Christmas Fundraising Campaign

There's a reason this place is called "Head Waters." It's where the mountain springs are forged that eventually become the mighty James and Potomac Rivers that flow through Richmond, Virginia and Washington DC.

From this charming, little mountain town come mighty movements that spread out and impact the world. The same is true of this property...

We want to share the story of the Farm Village. How it came to be. What happened here. And how we are stewarding its next, great purpose.

We've come a long way in the past three years, but there's still so much to do. Our goal is to raise $150,000 by December 31st.

Together, we can create a place that not only serves the Wild + Free community but impacts the world for generations to come.

It takes a village.

Raised So Far: $113,468.56

The Wild + Free Farm Village

The story of the Farm Village is a miraculous one.

It started in 2019 with the purchase of a 197-acre property in Head Waters, Virginia. Through a series of remarkable events, our community came together to create a place for strengthening families.

We spent the first few months cleaning, painting, remodeling, and doing whatever it took to prepare the place for guests. (We're so grateful for those of you who came to help.)

But soon after the purchase, the pandemic struck, and we were forced to close down the property for two years, bearing the operational costs as best as we could.

As a way of getting creative, we applied for a private campground permit so we could safely host families outdoors and continue paying the bills. Our permit came through in time to host a few events, but now that winter is closing in on the mountains of Virginia, we are faced with a steep mountain of our own.

Good things are often hard things. And the Farm Village has been the source of so much goodness.

Families have been brought closer together. Mothers and fathers have been strengthened and encouraged in their roles. Children have been given the space to make unforgettable memories and run wild and free.

But after two years, as we enter this winter season, the same generosity that helped us obtain this place are the same gifts needed to sustain it.

Now, more than ever.

We have five, critical needs that could use your help.

Survive the Winter

The Farm Village can operate eight months out of the year, but because of winter, the frigid temperatures and snow make it difficult to host events from November through February.

The property goes into hibernation.

However, we still face the high monthly costs of keeping the place running, paying our wonderful caretakers and fixing all the things that break down under harsh conditions. We would love your support

Project Goal: $50,000

Make Critical Repairs

We've accomplished a lot in the three short years we've owned the property -- from building bathhouses and constructing a fire tower to renovating the Forest Cabin and painting and cleaning the lodge.

But there are some major repairs we need to make -- such as repairing our broken-down ATV and tractor, fixing a demolished outbuilding, replacing non-working appliances, and re-staining all of our wooden decks.

Project Goal: $20,000

Host Teen Interns

We wouldn't be able to host our family festivals without the Wild + Free teens who come to volunteer. For each event, we host a number of teenagers who serve in programming, facilities, and groundskeeping.

Teens are so important to us that we've decided to host a month-long internship for them to learn, serve, connect, and grow. This fund will help us feed, house, and look after them while they're here for a month.

Project Goal: $10,000

Repair the Roads

Each year, we have to replace gravel that has been washed away on the roads that wind throughout our property. It costs a lot of money to fill the massive holes that are left from rainstorms and prevent cars from passing through. Nature wreaks havoc on this place, especially wintertime.

It's time to fix these roads once and for all. By digging culverts, we can keep water from washing away the gravel, and by paving the main entrances, we can create a beautiful place for guests to drive.

Project Goal: $30,000

Remodel the Spring Cabin

Each year, we undertake one significant project to transform this property - from renovating the Forest Cabin and constructing a fire tower to building beautiful bathhouses and developing a campground.

As we go into the fourth year, our goal is to remodel the Spring Cabin into a place to house for more guests, or even additional staff.

Project Goal: $40,000

P.S. Legal Stuff

The Wild + Free Farm Village legally operates as Historytellers Productions, Inc., which is a charitable non-profit organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Please consult with your tax adviser or the IRS to determine whether your contribution is tax-deductible.

100% of your donation will be used for the purposes specified on this page. If we receive more or fewer funds for a given project than can be applied, we will use those funds to meet a similar pressing need.

Contributions are solicited with the understanding that Historytellers Productions, Inc. has complete control over the use of all donated funds.

You can make checks payable to:

Historytellers Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 4331
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

For more information on donating, you can email us or call 703-869-9523.