Between September 3rd and 30th, Wild + Free groups all over the world are hosting "Story Nights" where we'll come together as a community to talk about the book, The Call of the Wild + Free, and share our own stories.

In the spirit of a cozy house concert or dinner party, four mothers will share their homeschool stories in just six minutes each. Each group will choose their own storytellers, as all gatherings are independently organized.

Please visit the map on the right to zoom in and find a Story Night near you. Full details can be found by clicking on the map dot. If you have questions about an event near you, please email

1. Set-Up

Choose a location and date for your gathering and set-up an RSVP page or email address for your guests by July 31, 2019

2. Sign-Up

Sign-up to become an official Wild + Free Story Night by July 31, 2019. We'll add you to our map and organizers list

3. Get the Goods

We'll send you a free hosting guide by August 7, 2019 so you can prepare and promote your gathering throughout August

4. Host the Event

Host your gathering between September 3-30 and share photos at #wildandfreebook so we can experience it together

For More Information About Story Nights: Contact