Wild + Free Groups

Hundreds of groups from all over the world have come together under the banner of Wild + Free. These are ordinary moms who decided they wanted to build community with others who share their values. Just check out the hashtag #wildandfreegroups. If you'd like to host a Wild + Free group in your area, let us know by filling out this form. You could plan any number of gatherings:

Click here to download an overview of Wild + Free Groups

Click here to download an overview of Wild + Free Groups

  • Mom's night out
  • Nature outings
  • Play groups
  • Book clubs
  • Field trips
  • Meet-ups

The goal isn't just to meet people but to build a supportive community. These groups are for homeschoolers, nature lovers, and those who have simply connected with this on-line community and want to know more - whether you lean toward Unschooling, Charlotte Mason, Classical, Waldorf, Montessori, or have no idea what any of those terms mean. There are like-minded mamas in your area that would love to connect with you. All it takes is one person to raise their hand and say, "I'll start it." Whether it's two families or four, think about the difference a group of like-minded mamas will make in your coming year.

HOW TO INVITE people to your GROUP

Once you decide on a kind of group, when and where it will be, reach out to friends on Instagram, Facebook, friends and homeschoolers in your community. Let them know what you're doing and invite them to join you! We recorded a fun conversation about how to start your own homeschooling group.

how to participate

Click here to visit the Wild + Free Groups Map

Click here to visit the Wild + Free Groups Map

If you'd like to organize a group in your area, visit this form and let us know what kind of group you're hosting. We'll add it to the official map as soon as we can.

We'll plot it on a Google map (like the one on the right) and share it with the Wild + Free community. This way, other moms can find out who you are and get in touch with you.

We'll send you an email with helpful pointers, as well as a special gift for each person who attends your gathering.

document your group

When you meet with your group, be sure to snap photos and share them with us at #wildandfreegroups. We'll feature some of them on Wild + Free Instagram feed. Join us!

Groups Coordinator


Paula Caggiano is the coordinator of Wild + Free Groups. She’s a homeschooling mother of four children and lives in Newport News, Virginia with her husband David.

She’s originally from Canada (she says “eh” a lot!) and is the former area director for Birth Matters, a national organization that supports mothers and midwives in the birth process.

If you have questions or would like to connect with Paula, you can email her at paulacaggiano@gmail.com or on Instagram at @paulacagg. She's committed to helping group leaders thrive all over the world, and she'd love to hear from you!