Forging Your Own Path to a Life Full of Wonder, Adventure, and Connection

Being intentional about how we raise our children is one of the most important things we can do as parents. For the past eight years, Wild + Free has served mothers in the pursuit of reclaiming childhood and restoring wonder in our children's education...

But now there's a new book by Wild + Free founder Ainsley Arment that shares how this mission can be applied to our families as well. It's called The Wild + Free Family!

Drawn from Ainsley's stories and the ones shared by others in the Wild + Free community, this book will help you forge your own path to a life full of wonder, adventure, and connection.

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To celebrate The Wild + Free Family, we've put together a special content bundle called FAMILY for those who pre-order the book by August 29th.

Upload your receipt in the form below (a scan or a camera pic), and we'll send you 18 downloadable resources focused on the theme of family.

Some of these families are featured in the book, but here you can see their photos and read the stories in their own words. We hope you enjoy!

Your Family Was Made for More

My hope is that your family will be inspired to love stronger, live more fully, and grow closer to each other.

My prayer is that you will be emboldened to repair relationships and break generational patterns for your children and your children’s children.

My ultimate desire is that your family will become Wild + Free.

In these chapters, you'll discover how your family was made for more:

  1. To Create a Family Culture
  2. To Preserve Childhood
  3. To Connect with Your Kids
  4. To Understand Your Children
  5. To Create a Safe Haven
  6. To Redeem What’s Been Broken
  7. To Chase Wonder
  8. To Adventure Together
  9. To Unleash Their Gifts
  10. To Unlock Their Potential
  11. To Pursue a Vision
  12. To Become Together
  13. To Not Grow Weary
  14. To Set Them Free

Thanks for reading!

The Wild + Free Family Podcast

Ainsley Arment recently sat down with Jennifer Pepito talk about the pre-launch of her new book The Wild + Free Family, coming to bookstores on August 30th.

Listen to the conversation below:

Host a Book Discussion

Interested in hosting a book club, a book party, or a gathering to discuss the book? We've put together a Discussion Guide packed with questions from each chapter so you can have a thoughtful conversation about the principles in the book. If you decide to host something, be sure to tag your photos #wildandfreefamily on Instagram so we can celebrate with you!

Ainsley Arment is the founder of Wild + Free, author of The Call of the Wild + Free, co-founder of the Wild + Free Farm Village, and host of the weekly Wild + Free podcast. She and her husband Ben raise their five children, Wyatt, Dylan, Cody, Annie, and Millie in Virginia Beach, Virginia. | @ainsl3y

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