The Young Naturalist Course is currently sold out. However, we're printing more copies and will re-open the course as soon as they're available.

Becoming a Young Naturalist

12-Week Course and Full-Color Book -- Currently Sold Out

The Young Naturalist is a collection of lessons, projects, handcrafts, videos, and tutorials designed to help you and your children experience the bounty of nature. These activities are meant to be carried out each weekday for 12 weeks, but you can complete them at your own pace or even pick and choose to suit your schedule. You'll also receive a 156-page, full-color book in the mail to accompany the online course. We hope you’ll take these opportunities to get outside and learn. Let’s take our children back to the place where they belong. It’s time to bring them home.

Course Outline

In this course, you'll explore 12 fascinating aspects of nature:

  1. Bees
  2. Birds
  3. Clouds
  4. Trees
  5. Water
  6. Mammals
  7. Stars
  8. Plants
  9. Earth
  10. Insects
  11. Weather
  12. Ecosystems

Each module includes a lesson, a handcraft, nature journaling, an illustration, and a guided activity.

The Creators of the Young Naturalist Course

For over a year and a half, a team of Wild + Free mamas created thoughtful pieces to the content bundles that would eventually become the Young Naturalist course. Recording videos, documenting step-by-step tutorials, taking photos, and creating beautiful projects - they put their heart and soul into one of our finest resources yet.

These eight women brought their unique talents and insights to each lesson, focusing on their own specialties - illustration, nature journaling, handcrafts, activities, and projects - resulting in this remarkable resource.

The online course comes with beautiful full-color book in the mail. For a limited time, we're offering FREE shipping!


Instructional Videos

Each lesson includes a video tutorial where each contributor shares the project, tutorial, or lesson for that day's study.

Whether it's a handcraft, an illustration, a project, or nature journaling, you can help your kids become young naturalists.

When you finish the assignment, you can mark it as completed.

Mary Ann Evans, said, “We could never have loved the earth so well if we had no childhood in it."

It is only through personal experience that our children can truly become young naturalists.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the book to arrive?

The book should arrive within 3 weeks, but we'll do our best to get it there sooner. It may take longer for shipments overseas.

What ages is this course geared toward?

We designed it for children elementary-aged and up. But no age is too young or old to enjoy the inspiration, tutorials and adventures. The wonderful benefit of learning together is that everything is adaptable - from skill (art and crafts) to interest (content and conversation).

Do you sell copies of the book separately?

Sorry, not right now. This offer is for the course and the book together.

Do Wild + Free members get discounts?

Yes! Please log-in to your membership account and visit this page before you purchase the course for a $10 discount code. If you're not currently a member, sign-up here first, then visit this page for the discount code.

What additional materials are required for this course?

Additional arts & crafts materials are needed to complete the activities. All of these are available at local crafts stores or online with budgets in mind.

Do you offer refunds?

Sorry, all purchases are final. If you'd like to know what others think of the course, keep an eye on the Wild + Free Instagram account and comments.

Does the course actually last 12 weeks?

We release the entire contents of the course to you upon purchase, so you can take as long or as little time as you'd like to complete it.

Does this course contain material from the Wild + Free content bundles?

Yes, some of the material is from the bundles; other parts are new.